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As we observe the world around us, we recognize God’s design throughout His creation, including human nature. This observation indicates a fairly regular progression in the development of educational tendencies and readiness for learning at various stages of life. With this in mind, Citadel Christian School provides education that is in harmony with these developmental stages. Additionally, CCS teaches all subjects based on the authority of the Bible, recognizing that God is the Creator of all things and provides the standards for knowing and living the truth.

Grammar ​
Memorization comes easily to children in this stage of development; therefore, much of their accumulation of new and interesting facts comes through chants, drills, songs, and simple research. Our focus is on mastery of skills and knowledge, rather than on completing all pages of a workbook or preparing for a test. Students who have mastered an understanding of the grammar of a subject will have a solid foundation for lifelong learning.
Logic ​
While students at this age are still excited about learning, they need more significant challenges. They want to know why, not just what. We teach them more extensive research skills to deepen their understanding of the facts they’ve learned. Students are introduced to formal logic and are given the tools to debate an issue and to understand what is true, and what is false. Teachers include drama and role-playing to effectively engage the students in meaningful application of the material.
As we equip students for life, the teaching methods at this stage focus on the development of the rhetorical skills of writing and speaking effectively and with originality. Students are guided into research in major areas with an emphasis on synthesis and evaluation. Speeches, debates, Socratic dialogue, and in-depth investigations are some of the strategies used with the student of rhetoric. The classical method prepares young people to be successful in any field they choose.


Cultivating wisdom and virtue in students at each developmental stage


Discovering God's design throughout every subject


Motivating students to achieve their highest potential